Mobile malware is real. Following the trend of more and more services to go mobile, fraudsters are going in the same direction as they’re moving very fast from developing PC’s malware to smartphone ones.

That’s why we are observing a rise in the number of Android focused malware samples (iOS, for now, is less targeted). Some of them replicate successful attack patterns developed on PCs (for example, RAT or Ransomware). In other cases, we see samples specifically designed for mobile platforms (SMS grabbers, Overlays, to name a few). The goal hasn’t changed: stealing personal information (privacy-related), credentials, or money from the user or service provider.


In this scenario, every mobile user must understand which are the good practices to protect themselves from being infected:

  1. Download apps from official stores and trusted developers: if in doubt, look at the number of reviews or downloads and then go for the most widely used applications.
  2. Do not install apps from links from the internet, emails, or SMS, even if coming from a family member or a friend.
  3. Always check for permissions required by the app: if it requires permissions not related to the service, avoid installing it.
  4. Do not root or jailbreak your phone unless you exactly know what that’s means.
  5. Do not change security configurations unless you completely understand the implications. Eventually, ask for help from more savvy friends or colleagues.
  6. Please do not leave your phone unattended while unlocked and always set a pin code to unlock it.
  7. Do not let anyone not trusted install apps on your device. If your phone needs assistance, the ideal would be to factory reset before and after the technician intervention. If this is not feasible, at least provide a locked phone with a secure pin/password code protection.
  8. Check our blog and social channel to be updated with the latest malware attacks, and ask us for any question you may have.


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