Today ASK YOUR FRAUD EXPERT post is dedicated to Account Takeover attacks. Let’s ask our Fraud Expert on how to manage them.

What is an ATO?
ATO is an attack by Account Takeover, that is the scenario in which an attacker can take complete control of the victim’s account. Often the ATOs are the result of data breaches, phishing, or overlay attacks accomplished.

What are the main targets?
Accounts with some value for the attacker such as banking credentials, payment systems (Paypal), services such as Uber to which a credit card or e-commerce sites are associated (electronic or easily resellable goods).

How to manage it?
To protect your services from ATO attacks, you need to define a user behaviour analysis strategy:
Detect and block the threat: identify behavioural anomalies that may indicate access by the attacker;
Use strong un-phishable authentication. Preventing the theft of simple credentials such as user and password makes it more difficult for the attacker to gain full access to the service.


XTN Cognitive Security Platform® allows you to protect your services from ATO attacks.

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