Identify threats impossible for a human to detect

Cognitive Security is the application of artificial intelligence technologies, modeled on human thought processes, to detect security threats. Our long-time experience in cybersecurity has been digitized to offer real-time, autonomous, efficient, scalable, and accurate evaluation flows.

What are the advantages of XTN cognitive approach?

  • Reduce the work of a human analyst by providing better accuracy (the machine never drop in attention) and as few as possible false positive.
  • Produce an evaluation flow that is understandable for the analyst: at the end of the day, the fraud analyst has to follow the evaluation flow and understand the decision.
  • Gives the right flexibility to benefit from the analyst know-how while keeping the needed flexibility to evaluate new unknown cases autonomously.


Our collective experience in cybersecurity is ENCODED into our products. We transformed our HUMAN SKILLS into artificial intelligence.

Learning algorithms enable us to process and analyze in real-time huge volumes of data and IDENTIFY THREATS impossible for a human to detect.

Continuously refining methods and processes, the system learns to anticipate threats and generates PROACTIVE RESPONSES.

Last but not least, obtain smart solutions that are easy to use, effective, and guarantee a fast ROI.