Exodus is one of the latest spyware’s disguised and distributed through the Google Play Store.

Yes, Exodus! 

Have you started humming that classic tune by the legend Bob Marley yet?

You will, I’m sure, not be able to get it out of your head. So how come a piece of Italian Spyware is called Exodus and not Moretti or Parmigiano! I would like to hear your thoughts on the naming protocol of malware? 

Back to the matter in hand and this particular new threat, which is targeting smartphones and disguised as an innocent app on the Google Play Store. Exodus spyware is just the latest one to be detected which are spying on the victims daily life to access sensitive data. Its approach is similar to the one that RATs, Overlay trojans and SMS grabbers employ to steal our banking credentials or credit card numbers. Additionally, the ability to disguise as a regular app in the Google Play Store makes it even more difficult for the consumer to recognise these new threats and protect themselves.

Today’s digital service providers and retailers relying on mobile apps, should look at this issue and prevent the damage malware on their customer’s handsets can produce. Even more so with the regulated markets under PSD2 or GDPR for example dealing with these threats is part of the requirement to deliver services to your clients.

For these reasons, XTN designed SEAP®: our mobile-focused product, integrated into client’s apps, able to detect malware threats using our exclusive artificial intelligence (AI) technology without impacting user experience.

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