Mobile threat prevention, application hardening and real time continuous kinetic interaction all-in-one solution

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Product Overview

MORE® is a “plug & play” solution able to know if a transaction was securely executed and if the users really are who they say they are, providing  stronger identification of advanced cyber attacks; it is capable of analyzing whether a device is compromised and can correlate its behavioural and biometric analysis with the user’s business and multi-device data (if the customer uses multiple devices to interact with the service) in order to provide a wider, more sophisticated range of protection.
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Key Benefits

Who Is MORE® For?

MORE® is specifically designed for those who need to

How Does MORE® Work?

MORE® is composed of a cloud-based, server-side component, and a library (SDK). These two elements exchange data in order to evaluate risks with the aim of identifying suspicious or malicious behaviour correlated to a misuse of a device or to user profiling anomalies. Thanks to biometric probes and user-based behavioural analyses, together with a set of specifically developed controls, MORE® is able to evaluate and identify operative risks. The collected information is securely sent to the backend and processed by the core engine that applies behavioural analyses. By continuously profiling users across layers, MORE® identifies anomalies, risks and fraud attempts, using invisible technologies which can indicate abuse or system-compromise.

MORE® is a risk score solution which uses biometric probes as a tool for verifying identities in an interconnected business security environment. Sensors in MORE® are focused on identifying the user’s behaviour. No sensitive data is handled on the device itself and user recognition occurs by cross-referencing different information from the device, the environment and user’s habits.

MORE® Details

MORE Dashboard view for high risk transaction

Risk indicators

MORE® evaluates the state of the system where the application is executed though hundreds of different checks (e.g. malware, runtime attack attempts, etc.)
MORE® evaluates the source of the user’s communications in order to identify anomalies regarding the location from where the application has been executed, including comparing the current interaction with the normal user activity patterns.
MORE®  evaluates the timing of the user’s interaction with the application and  is capable of identifying anomalies in the user’s behavior or any automatic interaction with the system (e.g. as executed by  malware).
MORE® evaluates user and device identity using passive biometrics and device fingerprint.


  • Web Console with dashboard and analysis tool
  • Behavioral Risk Engine
  • Business Transaction Monitoring Engine
  • APIs for backend integration
  • Lightweight SDK for the main mobile platforms

Supported Standards

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Biometric Functionalities

MORE® uses device sensors with the aim of recognizing users through Real-Time Continuous Kinetic Interaction technology.

MORE® provides a passive biometrics add-on feature for those who need to improve the user experience by reducing enrollment processes and 2FA mechanisms, to fortify Strong Authentication, to activate functions upon user’s recognition and to improve app security.

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