Smart Authentication, the new way to think authentication

Product Overview

Smart Authentication (SA®) is the ultimate solution for customer authentication and transaction signing, based on behavioural and risk based continuous evaluation, designed for innovative e-payment services.

It provides a smart customer authentication and transaction signing based on mobile applications, but also covering the different channels typically offered by modern e-payment providers.

Risk based smart strong authentication solution:

  • User is challenged only when risk scenario is anomalous;
  • Under the hood silent Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) happens continuously;
  • PSD2 and OATH compliant transaction signing capabilities with native SCA integration.

Fed by intelligence services:

  • Preemptive detection of customer targeting threats;
  • Incident response team.
“For electronic remote payment transactions, payment service providers apply strong customer authentication that includes elements which dynamically link the transaction to  a specific amount and a specific payee.” The Payment Services Directive II (PSD2)
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Key Features

Who Is Smart Authentication For?

SA® is specifically designed for those e-payment service providers who need

How Does Smart Authentication Work?

The solution includes:

  • Mobile SDKs: included in customers apps for mobile threat prevention and continuous silent SCA;
  • Customizable standalone software token app: to achieve standalone SCA and transaction signing;
  • Cloud based risk evaluation engine;
  • Intelligence and incident response services.

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