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Product Overview

SMASH® is an Anti-Fraud framework based on a widespread model of Transaction Monitoring. It “learns to recognize” users of online payment services and their usual behaviour thanks to Closed Algorithms, able to analyze and to correlate more than one hundred parameters.  This information is then correlated and matched with behaviours of users themselves, determining in real time the risk factor of every transaction.

The evolution of SMASH® is based on the growing needs of EFM’s (Enterprise Fraud Management) solution, in order to provide a unique framework able to manage Anti-Fraud processes across different channels.

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Key Benefits

Who Is SMASH® For?

SMASH® is specifically designed for those who need to:

How Does SMASH® Work?

SMASH® core is based on a unique engine of analysis focused on behavioural analysis algorithms customizable by the user through the policy editor, an integrated tool providing complete visibility and management of rules implemented. New rules can be effortlessly created in agreement with the business-specific needs of every financial institution.

SMASH® provides an extensive catalogue of Anti-Fraud controls, as illustrated, and is able to correlate them in order to provide a unique risk score of the transaction. SMASH® provides a unique solution, implementing different layers as defense, in line with Gartner’s suggested approach (see “The Five Layers of Fraud Prevention to prevent malware frauds”).

fraud protection dashboard

SMASH® Details

SMASH® was initially developed (and is constantly evolving) in order to protect financial institutions against internet banking frauds. It provides a wide range of powerful algorithms developed to identify and protect from phishing, account takeover and financial malware. It is possible to configure different kinds of controls to provide a deep analysis of critical transaction, correlating anti-malware checks, user behaviour analysis and typical fraud pattern attacks.

The growing number of financial transactions via mobile banking determined the choice to develop a dedicated module of SMASH® to cover up the mobile banking channel.

New innovative payment services like P2P (person-to-person) and e-wallet can now be protected with an innovative solution aimed to fight fraud with security checks, correlating user behaviour analysis with the risk score of the mobile device used.

SEAP® (Smart Endpoint Advanced Protection) is a module of the SMASH® anti-fraud platform, extending fraud detection controls at the Endpoint level for both web browser and mobile devices, providing a unique, integrated and powerful solution to manage fraud and security risks of online digital services.

SEAP® is a module aimed at collecting information and identifying security threats at the end-point level, analysing the context, the interaction of the user with the device,  with the environment and the monitored application where it is running. The result of SEAP® module analysis is integrated and used by the SMASH® engine to provide a unique risk score considering both business transaction and end-point risk transaction analysis.

SEAP® is available both for web browser and mobile devices, providing a full set of controls for any kind of end-point used to access online banking systems, payment and E-commerce services.

SMASH® SWIFT extends antifraud checks to the SWIFT payment channel, enlarging the monitored perimeter to the internal payments generated within the bank.

2016 is the year of new emerging threats targeting the SWIFT channel, with catastrophic attacks resulting in vast quantities of money stolen from international financial institutions.

We believe transaction monitoring and behaviour analysis for traditional payment systems (online banking, credit/debit card) are the solution to protect banks from internal fraud and malware targeting SWIFT networks. Starting from this point, SMASH® evolved to also parse and analyze critical SWIFT messages (M103 and M202) in order to detect suspicious payments.

The Analytics module extends SMASH® capabilities in the investigation of suspected events providing “snap-in” views of user activity and behaviour, transaction analysis and the relationship between entities involved in the transaction. SMASH® Analytics also provides a powerful advanced reporting tool, developed to provide advanced KPI and metrics regarding the monitored transactions, the trend of frauds and the efficiency of implemented antifraud policies.
SMASH® for e-commerce & POS module extends online banking (web and mobile) monitoring to also include credit/debit card transactions transmitted via PoS and virtual merchants (e-commerce).

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