The past week we’ve explained to you what Phishing is.
Since every one of us has probably, at least once, received a suspect email, it’s crucial to have a precise understanding of how to protect yourself.
Here you are 6 ways to check if you’re reading a Phishing email:

  1. Check the sender’s email domain accurately: often phishing campaign uses domains that could slightly be misled as to the legitimate one. It’s common to see domains like instead of or blockchaí instead of
  2. Check for random CC email addresses: if you don’t know them or do not understand why they are in copy, you can read it as an anomalous signal.
  3. Keep your eyes open for hyperlinks and attachments (even if hidden in buttons or graphic components). A common practice is to insert a hyperlink to a rogue web login page or payment page with very similar graphics and domain. If in doubt, try going directly to the service provider’s website without using the suspect link.
  4. Always check for the date and email’s object: often, you’ll see messages arriving in the middle of the night or with an object that does not make sense or does not match the content.
  5. Pay attention to the content: grammar errors, bad spelling, odd or urgent requests such as “live or die” are ringing bells you should consider.
  6. A bit of paranoia is always wise: always check twice before proceeding with doing something requested.

It’s wise to keep eyes open, but it’s even better to know that solutions such as our Cognitive Security Platform provide an exceptional line of defense. When a provider chooses to protect their services through our platform, we become the last line of consumer protection. Probably you’ll still receive annoying phishing messages, but as soon as the cybercriminal tries to get access, we’ll catch him.


XTN Cognitive Security Platform® allows you to protect your services from Phishing attacks.

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