As new prevention technologies are deployed, fraudsters are forced to change their approach, develop new tools, and uncover new ways to monetize their activities. In this way, Fraud Protection has been a perpetual cat-and-mouse game.

Keep Calm and Never Tell Anyone Your Passwords!” has been recorded during the last ISMG Fraud & Breach Summit and presents a real story about a Phishing attack that could involve each bank’s users that everyday use online services. This example will help us explain how online services need to evolve to protect their users. Our approach is to continuously develop a solution to block more fraud attempts, reduce friction for customers, reduce administrative overhead, and eliminate alert fatigue for Fraud Protection operators. With an understanding that fraudsters will continuously seek to develop new approaches, we believe that a holistic approach to Fraud Protection is the better way to approach the phenomenon.

Listen to Anthony Cardoza, our North American Business Unit Director, and learn with him how to keep your bank account safe from fraudster!