By Guido Ronchetti, CTO – XTN Cognitive Security

In a world where compliance requirements, reputation protection, UX-based differentiation, and cost reduction are top priorities for the vast majority of businesses, Behavioral Biometrics solutions are gaining traction. I’ve recently participated in some financial industry meetings, hearing institutions, and industry leaders mentioning them as an effective way to migrate users to modern authentication flows, minimizing friction. Various industries are facing the same need: strongly identifying users and preventing Fraud, affordably, and without added complexity.

It is important to clarify that when we talk about Behavioral Biometrics, we don’t mean physical biometrics involving innate human characteristics (for example, fingerprints, face, or iris).
We should start from a definition: behavioral biometrics is the discipline of study related to the measure of uniquely identifying and measurable patterns in human activities.

Which are these identifying and measurable patterns?

  • Device focused behavioral signals: typing, mouse usage, handling, gait, velocity analysis, and device characteristics. These elements focus on how the user physically interacts with a device, the service, and the features that distinguish that specific endpoint.
  • Contextual anomaly signals such as geo-location, Bluetooth, or WiFi networks: these elements characterize the environment where the user usually operates. 
  • Service-related behavioral signals: the way and inhabits the user accesses the application. Some examples could be the usual amount in a payment transaction, the day of the week or hour of the day the user usually operates, the functionality often accessed, etc.

Our Behavioral Biometrics provides a powerful way to prevent identity-related fraud and malware-based or bot attacks and also an effective way to improve the security posture without disrupting users’ experience and without hardware requirements. Machine learning is an essential element to extract and evaluate identifying multi-dimensional patterns from these features, and to provide a real-time evaluation. 

At XTN, we have designed our Cognitive Security Platform® that features Behavioral Biometrics as a central piece for our user-focused analysis. It allows us to continuously evaluate the anomalies in interacting with the service, allowing the required countermeasures to be dynamic, saving the user from unnecessary friction. We continuously develop smart solutions that are easy to use, impactful, and cost-effective.

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