XTN® drives its sales through partners. We strongly believe that Resellers are the real link between the end customers and the manufactures of the product or service providers.

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Our Partners

  • Partner location: New York
  • Office: 303 Spring Street, NY
  • Partnership: CSP  Partner

TypingDNA is a behavioral biometrics company, protecting online users based on how they type on their keyboards. Organizations around the world use the company’s AI-based typing biometrics technology to improve online security through passive and frictionless authentication. In early 2019, TypingDNA has raised $1.5M in seed round funding.

  • Partner location: ITALY
  • Partnership: Authorized Reseller
Since 1999, IKS is a consulting company that develops IT solutions mainly in the field of computer security, governance and compliance.
With offices in Padua, Milan, Rome, Turin and Trento IKS today is part of Kirey Group (+550 employees in Europe) that can provide support to those companies which use ICT infrastructure, furnishing business critical services, application, and compliance optimizing processes.
  • Partner location: LATAM
  • Partnership: Authorized Reseller

Kiara Tech is a specialist in Artificial Intelligence to prevent, detect and respond against security threats that are unseen to traditional solutions.

They use User Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) to identify internal security threats like information leakage, internal fraud, malware and external security threats like phishing and trojans attacks, denial of service, external fraud and so on.

In addition, they offer eLearning Programs in Security (Security Awareness and Secure Application Development) and Application Security Testing (AST) Services.

  • Partner location: JAPAN
  • Partnership: Technological Partner

SecureBrain is a Company of Hitachi Systems Ltd.

Based in Tokyo, Japan, SecureBrain is a leader in providing software and services to help protect enterprises and their customers against cybercrime including Japanese-specific online fraud and malware attacks.

SecureBrain has its own advanced security research center. Teams of security researchers work closely with many Japanese government research agencies to research and develop solutions against the latest cyber threats.