Trust Your Digital User, a holistic approach to Fraud Protection

Our motto, Trust Your Digital User, highlights our aim to prioritize users' identities of high-value online services that should be trusted and verified.
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Latest Gartner’s 2020 Online Fraud Detection Market Guide highlighted a growing narrative in the anti-fraud market around the concept of trust and safety in all brand/customer interactions.
According to the world’s leading research and advisory company, the most urgent and vital issue is to create an environment in which customers feel safe to transact, and all customer interactions are based on trust.

As XTN, we are aligned with the trust theme from the beginning of our journey. Our motto, Trust Your Digital User, highlights our aim to prioritize users’ identities of high-value online services that should be trusted and verified.


Our omnichannel Fraud Protection Platform defends digital businesses through proprietary AI Algorithms and Behavioral Biometrics Analysis, protecting our client high-value digital services on three different levels: posture, identity, and risk profiling.

POSTURE | Full and continuous protection from endpoint threats

An appropriate digital posture means having no threats onboard the endpoint able to compromise the service’s security. Our first aim is to identify endpoint threats to avoid information theft, content manipulation, and secret remote management.

What do we do?

We protect the endpoint level through Advanced Endpoint Threat Protection.

IDENTITY |Frictionless biometric techniques to identify users

A username and a password are no longer adequate to guarantee user identification.
Our technology combines endpoint identity, cryptography, biometrics, and user behavior to ensure a reliable digital identity.

What do we do?

We help you distinguish users’ identity and online habits thanks to sophisticated frictionless behavioral biometrics techniques.

RISK PROFILING | Establish a digital user profile and the risk of operation

We consider business data analysis an essential element in preventing and identifying fraudulent activity.

What do we do?

Considering user service access habits and overall risk conditions, we define the transaction’s risk level. The risk profiling operation can happen thanks to a correlation of cross-channel and multi-layer information for real-time risk profiling.

Our holistic approach provides the highest security while maintaining frictionless user experience. Our long-time experience in cybersecurity has been digitized to offer real-time, autonomous, efficient, scalable, and accurate evaluation flows.

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